Sunday, June 21, 2009

The kids love swimming and with the weather being as it has been we were reluctant to take them, but found one day that was overcast but not raining. They had a blast! Thank goodness for the Murray Sports Mall! :) Jeff is such a good sport to get in the water with the kids! He is the best Dad! I have issues as you all know with germs and water to me is like a big giant bath tub, thus there will only ever be limited pics of me in water with my kids! Sooooo sad I know.... but I do take pics of them having fun, so that counts right? :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bear Lake Fun!

We love Bear Lake and try to go there as much as possible! It is traditon to take the kids to this park every time we go. They have a blast! We love to go with Bo and Heidi and Lola.... Hint Hint to all my other siblings who dog out on us every time! :)
Alas I have given in and started a blog! I am still in shock as I know the rest of you are as well.... I actually was going to do it once baby Madden was here, but with some pushing and a lot of shoving from family and friends.... Here I am! Hope you all enjoy the fun world of the Johnsen family! :)